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Madame Carah's Slave Meat Hanging and Storage Program - the Winter Imprisonment Special, available until March 2017

To the truly brave slaves, I offer a very special, special course - the Slave Meat Hanging and Storage Program. As every butcher knows, producing the highest quality meat always depends on proper preparation and storage.

I will first put you into warm overalls and then hang you from the ceiling of my attic, more than 25 feet above the ground. You will stay there for as long as I like, either in a cage or hanging free. And, if you misbehave, you will hang upside down as an additional punishment. Although you will be warm, cold sweat will drench your body, especially if I use my isolation hood on you. And, so that you don't concentrate too much on the height and the long drop beneath you, I will additionally shock you with surges of strong current from my Teletakt (high power electric shock collar), causing you to rock and struggle perfectly in your suspended state.

After hanging, slaves will be stored for a prolonged period in my bunker (concrete punishment cube). Every part of your body will be fixed in heavy irons and secured to the ceiling, floor, and walls of the locked bunker. Fortunately for you, the bunker has indirect heating (producing heat but no light). But this will not make your incarceration bearable. Remember that my Teletakt also works well in the bunker .

So there is absolutely no misunderstanding, be aware that this is not a wellness stay or spa vacation. All horrors are possible in the bunker, including hogties and excruciatingly painful bondage in stress positions. Such relentless stress-bondage over a prolonged period becomes impossibly demanding, especially overnight when I can make use of the bunker's additional punishment capabilities to intensify the misery yet further .

The bunker is sited in a completely secluded and isolated location, constructed with massively thick concrete walls. Once inside you will hear absolutely nothing, and you can only hope and pray that I will not forget about you and that, eventually, your terrible predicament just might end ...

Please note that I offer this course at a special price in line with the scenario set out above. Further wishes and ideas can be incorporated into this with a supplementary fee.

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Email enquiry / application: Winter Imprisonment Special


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