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Long-term imprisonment in the bunker (concrete punishment cube) - valid until End of April

Welcome to my new bunker, a solid concrete punishment cube. You will learn to fear this.

Once inside, you'll desperately hope that I will eventually return to free you - that I have not forgotten you - because from the outside nobody will hear your cries for help !

Secured behind thick walls and a massive security door, you will be chained in solid steel shackles and a thick collar, attached to a chain retractable from the outside. You'll stew miserably inside the bunker unless and until I find some modicum of compassion.

No noise permeates the ventilation system, so you'll perceive nothing from the world outside. You will not even know if I am standing right next to the bunker and, if I turn out the light, you will not even see your own hand in front of you. But I can see you at any time, from a distance, thanks to the infrared security camera and video surveillance system. The bunker has many fixing points, so punishingly hard bondage and stress positions are also possible.

Measuring approximately 6 feet x 3 feet x 4 feet, the bunker is just large enough for its victim to lie down. So, long term stays are possible, without any necessity for the prisoner to enjoy any respite by being allowed out before his sentence is completed. Be aware that once imprisoned in the bunker there is absolutely no possibility of escape or turning back, so think very carefully beforehand exactly how long you would like to be locked in.

The bunker has a sophisticated sleep deprivation system for particularly tough criminals and resistant individuals.

Email enquiry / application: Bunker Imprisonment Special


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