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Hostage - kidnapping special program

Kidnapped - somewhere between Dortmund and Münster - and delivered to the New Chalet of Pain by Dominatrix / Mistress Madame Carah.

Nobody knows where the COP is located or what it looks like. Nor the possibilities - both above and below ground - which go beyond any imagination. This is not a jungle-camp reality television show with hot showers for C-list celebrities. With me there is a real thrill ! Somewhere between Dortmund and Münster I will kidnap you. But where will the journey then take you ? You will not know and will not find out. And there is nothing you can do now. Imprisoned in steel shackles and heavy chains, you will be delivered to me in a completely helpless state. And you'll have to hope you correctly listed all of your taboos and did not forget anything, because there is no going back at this point. My legendary steel shackles and special metal creations will be used abundantly and without mercy.

If you are kidnapped in October, when the weather is still good, the kidnapping will play out both indoors and outdoors, making full use of the New Chalet of Pain's expansive and sprawling grounds. Only this much is revealed here, that today's Chalet is much larger than its predecessor and, once in my care, you'll discover there are more options than you would care to discover.

12, 24, and 48 hour programs are available. You send my your list of taboos, which you should consider carefully, and then everything that happens to you is completely in my hands. Preferences and requests will be considered, but no more. Exactly what will happen, how it will happen, and when it will happen - this I will not reveal. Not knowing this will add to your terror.

You are entering a situation you will not be able to control or stop. It might be a somewhat erotic abduction, a kidnapping and hostage-taking, or a hard detention on another scale.

Those who want to pursue a program with specific requests can book me as normal with an abduction / kidnapping element included. But the price of such a program is not discounted and is priced as normal. If I am not given the freedom to live this program and implement it entirely as I choose to do, with only my preferences and ideas, the price has to change accordingly.

The images below illustrate just a few items from my enormous and growing steel shackle and restraint collection that I may use upon you:

n1.jpg n2.jpg n3.jpg n4.jpg n5.jpg n6.jpg n7.jpg

Email enquiry / application: Kidnapping Hostage Special


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