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Enforced bondage in the basement psychiatric ward - valid until End of April

With straitjackets, collars, and other restraints in my compact basement psychiatric ward - a place of lost souls - your cries will go unheard.

How crazy it will be for you to wait for the clinic supervisor to arrive! Therapies and treatments of my choice will be delivered to you while you are secured in absolutely escape-proof restraints, chains, and fetters.

You may be secured with the Segufix restraint system, in a bondage bag, or a heavy canvas, latex, or inflatable straitjacket. I'll push any nonsense out of your head with a bespoke strict treatment plan supplemented, as necessary, with additional and increasingly more severe therapies.

Provide me with your letter of referral and diagnosis. Your darkest fears are my driving force and I will not only make them come true, but surpass them !


Admission for therapy sessions of 12, 24, and 48 hours, or longer, are possible. And note that while admission is voluntary, I and I alone will decide the therapies and the details of dismissal.

Please note that the straitjacket and bondage sack are available only in "normal" size. Other items are available to suit all sizes.

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Email enquiry / application: Psychiatric Ward Special


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