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Mistress Lady April

Three years ago I recognized my dominant and sadistic nature and now, with my discovery of the Chalet of Pain, I can finally live out my inclinations to the full.

Give yourself over to your darkest dreams, surrender to a strict lady, and offer yourself in servitude. I am interested in intelligent slaves with high standards and a clear understanding of their desires.

Superior yet empathetic, I will lead you to the limits of your endurance. I will not compromise, but will indulge your weaknesses in order to drive your re-training forward.

My particular interests range across the entire spectrum of imprisonment options, bondage and stress positions, mummification, adult-baby training, flagellation, electrical torture, and CBT.

Whether you wish to be under my control for 12 hours or an entire weekend, you are coming to me because you want to ! Did you not always desire to spend the night or longer under the absolute control of a harsh lady ? Or do you prefer a shorter session without overnight accommodation ?

Let me guide you in terms of what you can experience so that you can achieve your full potential.

I eagerly look forward to your visit and our journey together into the world of long-term re-training sessions. Give me notice of desired dates so that we can plan your stay over many hours or days.

Mutual respect, a good appearance, high standards, and absolute discretion are required and reciprocated.

Taboos: Intimate contact, KV (scatology), and pet-play

Email Request / Application: Lady.April@gmx.de

I am available at the COP only at weekends, from 8pm Friday until Sunday evening.

Note that Lady April works on an independent basis and is available in the Chalet of Pain by appointment.

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