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Mistress Miss Mara

A natural and rather villainous domina, I have been enjoying my passion for SM privately for some time. But now I'm looking for new challenges to satisfy my innate sadism ! And the Chalet of Pain provides me with the perfect opportunity and environment to do this. Here I can live out my desires and fully develop my predilections. The Chalet creates a special and unique ambiance that stimulates my dark imagination. And, in my endeavours, my creativity is truly limitless.

What are my limits ? Why don't you help me to discover them ? What are your limits ? Slowly, but surely, I will show you.

Is it a lengthy imprisonment that excites you ? Or is it the punishment and pain ? Are you longing for my whip, or dreaming of cruel dungeon bondage in fixed / stress positions ? How much torture can you take ?

One thing to note, however. Even a natural sadist like me has her taboos. These include KV (scatology), NS (pee, golden showers, etc.), adult babies, sexual contact of any kind, face-sitting, Roman showers (vomit), and drugs of any sort.

And what about your taboos ? Do you think you have any ? Let's find out together !

Email: miss-mara@outlook.de

I am available at the COP only at weekends, from Friday until Sunday evening.

Note that Miss Mara works on an independent basis and is available in the Chalet of Pain by appointment.

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