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Madame Carah's deprivation of liberty / long term re-training and imprisonment special program

This is a high-security imprisonment program with every possible measure taken to ensure that there is no possibility of escape. It is carried out remorselessly, and your only solace will be occasional views of my endless legs clad in nylon, my body encased in a tight-fitting bizarre yet sexy outfit, and the sparkle in my eyes.

Choose this program, and you'll truly get to know me!

Be aware of yourself, and watch your step, if you enter into this imprisonment program.
Imprisonment Special

You will be secured as a convict under my constant command and control, locked into iron chains and handcuffs, and kept spread and kept immobile. You will be imprisoned for an extended term in my cell block.

I alone will consider which of the many incarceration possibilities will be used, potentially changing these constantly, according to my view of you and my determination of the best treatment for you.

You may, however, determine the time-frame: 12 or 24 hours, or longer.

During your time here I will completely rule over you ! Remorselessly, consistently, and without questions in absolutely escape-proof conditions.

You will feel pain, experience terror, and spend many hours groping around in pitch darkness.

Nourished on bread and water, you will quickly learn that your fate is sealed and that the prisoners of Alcatraz had more possibilities to escape than the convicts in the Chalt of Pain.

You think you know your limits? I will redefine them for you. Upon your release, on leaving my estate, you will be a friend and connoisseur of my different type of re-training operation. You will remember your time with me for many years to come.

Upon request, I will happily take you against your will. For this I will require a binding undertaking from you in advance that you can get to my location at a specific time.

I look forward to your visit, to meeting you, and to making good use of your courage through your commitment to experiencing this program.

Email enquiry / application: Imprisonment Special

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